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Freemate is an AI-powered assistant designed specifically for Upwork freelancers. With Freemate, you can save time, build your reputation, and increase your earnings, by automating administrative tasks, optimizing your profile, generating portfolio items, requesting testimonials and reviews, and more. Here are some of the key features of Freemate:

Proposal Generator

Create Customized Proposals in Minutes
Freemate's proposal generator helps you create customized proposals that are tailored to each job posting on Upwork. With Freemate, you can save time and increase your chances of winning jobs by generating proposals quickly and easily. Simply answer a few questions about the job posting, and Freemate will create a custom proposal that highlights your experience, skills, and understanding of the client's needs.

Follow-Up Writer

Automatically Generate Follow-Up Messages to Stay Top of Mind with Clients
Freemate's follow-up writer helps you stay top of mind with clients by automatically generating follow-up messages. With Freemate, you can customize the frequency and content of follow-up messages, so you can focus on building relationships with clients without worrying about administrative tasks.

Profile Improver

Analyze Your Upwork Profile and Suggest Improvements
Freemate's profile improver helps you optimize your Upwork profile for maximum visibility and impact. With Freemate, you can analyze your profile, receive personalized recommendations for improvement, and make changes quickly and easily. This can help you stand out to clients and win more jobs on Upwork.

Testimonial Request Generator

Request Testimonials from Satisfied Clients
Freemate's testimonial request generator helps you request testimonials from satisfied clients, so you can build your reputation on Upwork. With Freemate, you can customize the message and frequency of requests, making it easy to showcase your success and build trust with potential clients.

Review Responder

Respond to Reviews in a Professional Manner
Freemate's review responder helps you respond to reviews in a professional manner, maintaining a positive reputation on Upwork. With Freemate, you can customize responses to positive and negative reviews, making it easy to handle negative feedback with ease.

End Project Request Generator

Generate Professional Messages to Ensure You Get Paid on Time and that the Client is Satisfied
Freemate's end project request generator helps you generate professional messages to ensure you get paid on time and that the client is satisfied with your work. With Freemate, you can customize the content of requests and set deadlines for payment, making it easy to manage payments and client satisfaction.

Portfolio Item Generator

Showcase Your Best Work with Ease
Freemate's portfolio item generator helps you showcase your best work with ease. With Freemate, you can easily generate portfolio items that highlight your skills, experience, and creativity, making it easy to impress potential clients and win more jobs.

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