Boost Your Upwork Profile with
Freemate's Profile Improver

Let Freemate AI optimize your Upwork profile and help you stand out from the competition.


Professional job title

Freemate AI creates professional job titles that matches your skills and experience, making it easier for clients to find you in search results.

Compelling profile summary

Freemate AI generates a professional and compelling profile summary that highlights your skills and experience and attracts more clients.

Keyword optimization

Freemate AI optimizes your profile with relevant keywords to increase your visibility in search results.

Enhanced profile sections

Freemate AI recommends enhancements to your profile sections, such as your education, certifications, and portfolio, to make them more appealing to clients.

Quick and easy profile optimization

Freemate's Profile Improver saves you time and effort by automating the profile optimization process. All you need to do is input your parameters, and Freemate AI will provide you with customized recommendations to improve your Upwork profile.

Upwork best practices

Freemate AI recommends Upwork best practices to improve your profile and increase your chances of getting hired. These best practices are based on industry trends and Upwork's guidelines for freelancers, ensuring that your profile is optimized for success on the platform.

How it works

Let Freemate AI optimize your Upwork profile in just three simple steps.

Input your profile information

Input your current job title and profile description into Freemate's Profile Improver.

Configure the options

Choose the recommendations you want to implement, such as a new job title or a more compelling profile summary.

Optimize your profile

Freemate AI will generate customized improvements to optimize your Upwork profile. Review and make the suggested changes to your profile to attract more clients.

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With Freemate's Profile Improver, you can save time and effort by automating the profile optimization process, and focus on delivering quality work to your clients.
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